Some VU University Amsterdam webpages are password protected (e.g. Digital Counter, Webmail). Students and employees can log in with their VU-net-id.

If you have issues logging in
The VU-net-id consists of a username and password. You are given only one VU-net-id, even if you enrolled in more than one programme (students) or have more than one job (employees).
Please check the following

  • Make sure Caps Lock is off
  • Check your username
    The first letter of your first name + the first letter of your surname (exclude prefixes) + the last letter of your surname (exlude prefixes) + a three-digit number. If no first name is available, the first two letters of your surname are used. For example:
    Name of user: V. van der Achternaam
    VU-net-id: vam500
  • Check your password
    Look out for similar-looking characters, such as the number 0 and the letter O, and the number 1 and the letter l.
    Does your password include a tilde (~) or a circumflex (^)? With some keyboards, you have to press the space bar for these symbols to appear after you press the symbol key, but before you enter the next character.
  • No VU-net-ID?
    As an employee you receive a VU-net-id by post at your home address when you start your job at VU. Some days later you receive your password.
    As a student you receive a VU-net-id when you register. You receive it in two separate e-mails at your private e-mail address.
    Your VU-net-id remains valid for ninety days after your job ends or, as a student, after you deregistered at VU, although you may not be able to access some systems in the meantime.
  • Forgotten it or would you like to check it?
    Students: UC-IT Service Desk

    Employees: Contact your VIP administrator (usually the secretary) or the UC-IT Service Desk. Possibly there is an issue with your your registration.
  • Forgotten your password
    If you have ever changed your password with TOP, then you can apply for a new one via ‘Password forgotten?’ You will first have to answer the personal questions that you previously set. If you have never changed your password, or if you have forgotten the answers to the personal questions, go to the UC-IT Service Desk. You must bring along valid identification (Students: studentcard or passport. Employees: driver's license, ID card or passport). Our Service Desk will be able to create a new password for you. (Employees can also go to VU-Uilenstede (Bavinckhouse), room 0A-07.)

N.B.Students can find their information on VUnet (


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