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Over the past half century, individuals have become much more mobile in their movement across the globe. This change has led to challenges and opportunities for contemporary society and law, and the understanding of the global community and identity on a regional as well as transnational level. The Migration and Diversity Centre (MDC), initiated in 2007, is a cross-disciplinary research centre which explores both the theoretical and societal implications of this new situation. The MDC actively pursues collaboration in migration and diversity research within the faculties of Law, Social Sciences and Arts of the VU University Amsterdam. The MDC aims to contribute to new or more refined social, legal and historical theory, as well as to practical insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by diversity.

Researchers who are interested in the fields of integration and migration are welcome to attend the centre‚Äôs activities. 

In the framework of the MDC, various events are organized which take the form of feedback forums, lectures, seminars, book presentations and discussions. Please visit the agenda to see our upcoming events. The MDC also helps organizing research projects. Every month, a newsletter of events and opportunities in the field of migration and diversity from around the world  is sent out to members and to other interested parties.



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