VU University endeavours to unravel the complexities of scientific and societal questions. But we can’t blaze this trail alone; we must look beyond the boundaries of our scientific disciplines and seek collaboration with partners in society, including the government and the business sector. We have divided our research into four themes, each of which reflects our strong level of involvement in current societal issues. VU University combines all its education and research in these four themes. Faculties, interdisciplinary research institutes, Undergraduate and Graduate Schools closely collaborate.

Human Health and Life Sciences (H2LS)
With increased prosperity, people live not only longer, but they also want to stay in good health for longer. H2LS organizes education and research in medical and human-related health and life sciences to make  this possible.

Science for Sustainability (S4S)
Sustainable use  of the limited available natural resources is essential for human life on earth. S4S connects fundamental knowledge about these resources to knowledge about changes in society: the effects of human activities on the condition of the earth, climate change and society’s response to this.

Connected World
Digitalizing has made the world more connected than ever: Connected World. This theme investigates the technology that enables changes, such as development of e-Science, the structural, societal and cultural changes associated with it and the consequences for the world around us.

Professional Services
In recent years, the business services sector, particularly the financial sector, has been under societal and moral pressure. With Professional Services, VU University pays structural attention in its education to corporate social responsibility, behavior enforcement and integrity.
VU University’s four themes connect to the Amsterdam clusters, national top sectors and European societal challenges.


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