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Reputation and ranking

The high quality of research and education at VU University Amsterdam can be demonstrated by its excellent performance in international rankings. Unlike many other countries, the Netherlands does not have a ranking system for universities. However, a range of studies have shown VU University Amsterdam to be one of the best universities in the country.

The best known international rankings are the Leiden ranking (PP10%), the Times Higher Education World University Ranking and the Shanghai Ranking. These rankings give an impression of the quality of research and education by assigning scores to institutions worldwide. Each ranking uses a different set of indicators. As a result, the position of a particular university may vary depending on the ranking’s methodology.

Below you will find an overview of the best-known international rankings of 2014 and the positions of the Dutch universities.

The Leiden Ranking is based on bibliometric and collaboration indicators. Nationally, VU University Amsterdam is positioned second in the bibliometric ranking PP10%; first place was granted to Leiden University. Worldwide, VU University Amsterdam is listed in 64th place.
In the Times Higher Education World University (THE) Rankings 2014-2015, VU University Amsterdam is placed 136th. This is an improvement of 4 places.
In the ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’ (ARWU) 2014, or the Shanghai Ranking, VU University Amsterdam is listed in 4th place, nationally. Worldwide, VU University Amsterdam holds a position 100. Moreover, VU University Amsterdam's ranks in the top 50 in the disciplines Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy and Social Sciences and in the top 100 in Life Sciences and Agriculture SciencesEconomics/Business.  In addition, VUA's Chemistry discipline holds a position in the international top 150, and Physics and Mathematics are in the top 200.

At VU University Amsterdam, education and research are closely intertwined. High-quality teaching and cutting-edge research have given the university a great deal of recognition, enabling it to attract prominent scientists from both the Netherlands and abroad. In order to keep this reputation and position in the rankings, or of course to improve upon it, VU University Amsterdam constantly reviews the quality of its education and research.

Overview of the ranking of Dutch universities in the Leiden, Shanghai and Times Higher Education rankings

Leiden 2014Shanghai 2014THE 2014-2015
53Leiden University57Utrecht University64Leiden University
64VU University Amsterdam77Leiden University71 Delft University of Technology
77Utrecht University82University of Groningen72 Erasmus University Rotterdam
81University of Amsterdam100VU University Amsterdam73Wageningen UR
85Erasmus University Rotterdam101-150Radboud University Nijmegen77University of Amsterdam
93Wageningen UR101-150University of Amsterdam79Utrecht University
94Eindhoven University of Technology101-150Wageningen UR101Maastricht University
97Radboud University Nijmegen151-200 Erasmus University Rotterdam117University of Groningen
102University of Twente201-300 Delft University of Technology136VU University Amsterdam
110Maastricht University201-300Maastricht University140Radboud University Nijmegen
120University of Groningen301-400 Eindhoven University of Technology144Eindhoven University of Technology
148Delft University of Technology301-400University of Twente200-225University of Twente
401-500Tilburg University276-300Tilburg University


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