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Here you'll find an overview of the academic staff at VU University Amsterdam, by faculty and/or research group.

 Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Faculty of Human Movement Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Psychology and Education
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Medicine/VU University Medical Center
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Theology 
AardwetenschappenFaculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Scientific staff by research group
 Earth Sciences
Sedimentology & Marine Geology
Department of Isotope Geochemistry
Hydrology and Geo- environmental Sciences
Paleoclimatology and Geomorphology
Institute for Geo- and Bioarchaeology
Tectonics and Structural Geology

Ecological Science
Animal ecology
Systems Ecology 

Molecular Cell Biology
Moleculaire Celfysiologie
Moleculaire Microbiologie
Integrative Bioinformatics
Integrative Neurophysiology 
Functional Genomics
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group

Health Sciences
Nutrition & Health
Prevention and Public Health
Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment 
Methodology and Applied Biostatistics
Infectious Diseases
Health and Life science
BewegingswetenschappenFaculty of Human Movement Sciences
Scientific staff 
Economische wetenschappen & bedrijfskundeFaculty of Economics and Business Administration
Scientific staff
Exacte-wetenschappenFaculty of Sciences 
Scientific staff by department
 Computer science 
Physics and Astronomy
History and Social Aspects of Science
Division of Biomolecular Analysis and Spectroscopy
Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Division of Molecular Toxicology
Division of Organic Chemistry
Division of Physical Chemistry
Division of Theoretical Chemistry
GeneeskundeFaculty of Medicine/VU University Medical Center
Scientific staff
GodgeleerdheidFaculty of Theology
Scientific staff 
LetterenFaculty of Arts
Scientific staff 
Psychologie & PedagogiekFaculty of Psychology and Education
Scientific staff by research group 
Biological Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Work and Organizational Psychology

Special Education
Theory and Research in Education 
RechtsgeleerdheidFaculty of Law
Scientific staff by department  
 IT and Law
Public International Law and Private Law
Notary and Tax Law
Dutch Private Law
Legal Theory and Legal History
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Criminal Law and Criminology
Sociale-wetenschappenFaculty of Social Sciences
Scientific staff by department
 Governance Studies
Communication Sciences
Culture, Organization and Management
Organization Science
Political Science
Social and Cultural Anthropology 
WijsbegeerteFaculty of Philosophy
Scientific staff 


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