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Power outage affects VU University


Today around 9:40 am a major regional power outage has also affected VU University. The emergency power services have functioned properly. Since about 11 am this morning all systems are working again.

VU President Jaap Winter signs Memoranda of Understanding with top institutions in India


VU University visited India as part of the India Days that the municipality of Amsterdam undertook with companies and institutes of higher education from the Amsterdam region. The VU delegation followed an academic program and joined the Amsterdam delegation at several events. Part of the VU program was a visit to Amity University, the No. 1 ranked private university in India. The MoU signed with Amity is a spin off to intensive collaboration with the Indian university, including Amity funding for 25 VU students for a study abroad period at Amity. In addition, Amity expressed the ambition to open an Amity campus in Amstelveen, which would generate cooperation opportunities for VU.

Biophysicist obtains k€400 grant to scrutinize virus-cell interactions


Last week Wouter Roos received the news that his research group was allocated a grant of 400,000 euro of the Dutch Physics research agency FOM (Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie). He will use this sum to study how viruses bind to cells.

Earthquakes caused by natural gas extraction generate house price decreases


Earthquakes in the northern parts of the Netherlands generate notable house price decreases. The economists Hans Koster and Jos van Ommeren (VU University Amsterdam) have analysed the negative economic effects for homeowners of earthquakes induced by gas extraction. Earthquakes with a magnitute above 2.2 are shown to generate house price decreases of 1.2 percent.

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