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New hacking technique imperceptibly changes memory virtual servers


For the first time ever a team of Dutch hacking experts, led by cyber security professor Herbert Bos, managed to alter the memory of virtual machines in the cloud without a software bug, using a new attack technique.

Launch of public tours along Dutch slavery heritage in New York State


Until recently, Dutch slavery heritage in New York remained underresearched. That is now changing due to a coordinated research project and the launching of public history and heritage tours on location.

Pwnie Award for Most Innovative Research on hacking


Last night, at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, VU researchers Erik Bosman, Kaveh Razavi, Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos won the prestigious Pwnie for Most Innovative Research. The Pwnie Awards are referred to as the Oscars for hackers.

CLUE+ archaeologists discover hidden cult place in southern Italy


This week, CLUE+-archaeologists, on expedition in the deep South of Italy, have reported the unique discovery of a hitherto unknown pre-Roman cult place; a large sacral structure, with an almost in-tact votive deposit, containing vessels that preserve the remains of rituals performed at the spot.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is concerned about Turkish academic staff and students


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is paying close attention to the recent measures taken with regard to Turkish universities and their staff and students.

First set of research data VU published in DataverseNL


Last week the first set of research data from the VU Amsterdam has been officially published in DataverseNL, the national data repository for research data.

Visit by Ambassador of Bhutan


On Monday, 4th of July 2016, the Ambassador of Bhutan will visit Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Farewell to @WoW!ter – Wouter Gerritsma (11 March 1963 – 21 June 2016)


Over a hundred colleagues gathered in the Auditorium at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) on Wednesday morning 29 June to pay their last respects to Wouter Gerritsma.

2015 Annual Report VU Amsterdam: Significant rise in academic success


VU Amsterdam has achieved excellent results in the area of education over the last year.

Eyewitnesses who collaborate make fewer mistakes in police interview


Witnesses correct each other’s errors.

How does climate affect violence? Researchers offer new theory


Climate impacts life strategies, time orientation, self-control

Looking back on the anniversary conferences


This academic year, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam celebrated its 135th anniversary. VU Amsterdam organised activities during this anniversary year, among others four anniversary conferences.

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