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Special Breakthrough Prize for detection of gravitational waves


The scientists and engineers contributing to the detection of gravitational waves have been awarded a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics by the Selection Committee of the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

Wouter Botzen appointed professor at IVM


As of January 1st, Wouter Botzen has been appointed Professor of Economics of Climate Change and Natural Disasters.

How does information flow?


Trading has conveged to a hybrid structure where customers and dealers trade bilaterally through electronic systems (and an occasional phone call) but also multilaterally through specialized electronic platforms. Albert Menkveld (Professor in Financial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Björn Hagströmer (Associate Professor in Finance, Stockholm Business School)’ studied the information flow in securities markets and applied it to exclusive data on the Swiss franc crash in January 2015.

New technique enables direct measurements of a cardiac cycle


Thanks to an original technique developed in Amsterdam, it is now possible to monitor the exact behaviour of an isolated heart cell throughout the entire cardiac cycle. This approach paves the way for a whole new class of drug tests and physiological studies.

VU Amsterdam scientists have found a genetic overlap between happiness and depression


For the first time in history, researchers have isolated the parts of the human genome that could explain the differences in how humans experience happiness. These are the findings of a large-scale international study in over 298,000 people, conducted by VU Amsterdam professors Meike Bartels (Genetics and Wellbeing) and Philipp Koellinger (Genoeconomics). The researchers found three genetic variants for happiness, two variants that can account for differences in symptoms of depression, and eleven locations on the human genome that could account for varying degrees of neuroticism. The genetic variants for happiness are mainly expressed in the central nervous system and the adrenal glands and pancreatic system. The results were published this week, in the journal Nature Genetics.

Prof. Christopher J. Preston first VU Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Ethics of the Anthropocene


Professor Christopher J. Preston has been appointed as first VU Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Ethics of the Anthropocene: Religion, Ethics, and Global Environmental Change for the academic year 2016-2017.

New method allows surgeons to identify brain tumours in real time


VU researchers from the Physics Department/LaserLab and VUmc have shown that a label-free optics technique can reveal exactly where brain tumors are, producing images in less than a second — unlike conventional methods that can take a whole day.

Amsterdam awarded as European Capital of Innovation 2016


A high-level independent expert jury appointed Amsterdam as the most innovative capital from 36 other applications. On 8 April the European Commission awarded Amsterdam the title of European Capital of Innovation ("iCapital") 2016.

Patricia Lago one of the fifty most inspirational women in technology


Patricia Lago (Information Management & Software Engineering) has been named one of the fifty most inspirational women in the Dutch technology sector by Inspiring Fifty.

VU participation in recently started dino crater drillings


Recently, an international research team left for an expedition to dino crater Chicxulub, where it will perform drillings to obtain more knowledge about the consequences of crater impacts. VU professor paleontologist Jan Smit is the Dutch representative of this project.

Aart van Halteren appointed Endowed Professor


The VU has appointed Aart van Halteren endowed professor Health Behaviour Informatics (Computer Science).

Prestigious ERC Advanced Grant for physicist Kjeld Eikema


Eikema wil test Quantum Electrodynamics theory.

Wanted: postdocs


VU Amsterdam investigates how the position of postdocs can be improved.

March 22 maart World Water Day - Three new Join the Pipe taps on campus


22 March is World Water Day. On that day at 12:45, Marjolein Jansen, member of the Executive Board, and representatives of Green Office VU, will officially commission the new Join the Pipe taps on the VU campus.

Apply before 1 April and win a scholarship for the Amsterdam Summer School


Deadline for application is 1 May

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