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General questions

For general questions related to the admission procedure, see FAQ - General.

Questions specific to Bachelor's in English

How do I apply for a Bachelor’s Programme at VU University Amsterdam?  See www.vu.nl/en/programmes/bachelors-in-english/application-and-admission. 
I wish to cancel my application. Can I obtain a refund of my application processing fee?No.
I wish to know the general academic entry requirements for a Bachelor’s Programme.In principle, you should have a diploma which is equivalent to a Dutch VWO or pre-university diploma. The Admission Office will evaluate your diploma(s) and advise you on your chances of being admitted.
Where can I find the academic entry requirements for a specific Bachelor’s programme?  See www.vu.nl/en/programmes/bachelors-in-english.
I have studied at another university, either in the Netherlands or abroad. Can I transfer my study points to VU University Amsterdam?You cannot automatically transfer your credits to VU University Amsterdam. You need to apply for the first year of the Bachelor’s programme and ask for exemptions for the courses you have already taken at your current university. The faculty examination board will decide on any exemptions granted. Please bear in mind that, in order to be admitted to a full-time Bachelor’s programme, you also need to have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language.
What are the language requirements for a Bachelor’s Programme at VU University Amsterdam?Students are expected to be proficient in Dutch and/or English. All Bachelor’s programmes are taught in Dutch, except for the BA in International Business Administration and the programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Amsterdam University College. However, if you need a student visa, you also have to show proof of your proficiency of English by a TOEFL ib 90 or a IELTS 6.5.
I have had an English taught education in a country where English is the native language. Do I still need to prove that I have sufficient command of the English language?It depends on which country you were educated in. Students who have been educated in Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia do not need to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Other exemptions will be determined by the Admission Office.
I have passed an IELTS/TOEFL test some time ago. Do I need to sit the test again?These tests are valid for two years. The test result must be valid at the time your study starts (September).
I have studied the subjects www, xxx, and yyy in zzzland. Can I apply to study at VU University Amsterdam?To be admitted to a Bachelor programme, your previous education needs to be equal to the Dutch VWO diploma with the correct profile and sometimes with specific subject knowledge.
I have diploma xxx. Can I gain direct entry to the 2nd year?No, any exemption has to approved by the study advisor of your faculty.
What is the deadline for passing subjects for which I am deficient?Generally 1 September. Please be aware of the faculty deadlines for registering! See: www.vu.nl/nl/opleidingen/bacheloropleidingen/aanmelden-en-inschrijven/colloquium-doctum/index.asp (information in Dutch).
To which address must I send my diploma/application/etc?VU University Amsterdam
International Office
The Admissions Team
De Boelelaan 1105
Room OE- 49
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
How do I know when VU University Amsterdam has received my documents?We will send you a message as soon as your file has been received.
How much should I add to the application processing fee to cover the extra bank charges for a foreign transfer?  Ask your bank. Please note that you are responsible for the payment of any bank charges associated with the transaction(s), so you must ensure that these are added to the amount to be transferred.
How do I check the status of my application?Have a look in the online system!
Where can I find my student number?See online application.
How will I be informed about whether I have been admitted to a programme for which a lottery system is in place?DUO (the organization that handles the lottery procedure) wil send you a plaatsingsbewijs if/when you are admitted.
What is Studielink?Studielink is a national system for higher education in the Netherlands which allows your enrolment details to be automatically forwarded to the relevant educational institutions and the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, which is responsible for the administration of student grants (see www.ocwduo.nl for more details). Using Studielink, you can carry out administrative transactions, such as enrolment, deregistration and changing your correspondence address. Students with a Dutch degree and students who wish to apply for a Dutch Programme, as well as students applying for IBA, should register with Studielink.
Should I register with Studielink?Yes. Especially students who apply for the Bachelor International Business Administration must register with Studielink before 15 May, since it is a 'Numerus Fixus' programme.

Please note - the decentralised procedure has a deadline of 1 April. The deadline of 15 May applies to the centralised lottery procedure.
How do I register with Studielink?Go to: www.vu.studielink.nl. You can apply in Dutch, English, and German.
How do I reach the English-language version of Studielink?There is an British flag in the left hand corner.
I cannot sign up for Studielink, because I have no DigiD code. I cannot obtain one because I do not have an address in the Netherlands. How do I sign up?You can still sign up by following the instructions on the Studielink website: www.vu.studielink.nl.

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