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Serious games need good scorekeeping

To survive and to succeed, all organizations need reliable systems for generating financial information that is relevant to managers, investors and other stakeholders. Even if accounting and control are not the most glamorous aspects of business, they are indispensable. Designing, operating and auditing financial reporting systems for complex organizations is a challenge for the finest minds, and requires a much broader range of skills than the ability to add and subtract.

The Accounting and Control programme draws on the strengths of VU University Amsterdam both as an established research university and as one of the major providers of postgraduate professional education in accountancy. With a strong academic core, an openness to the world of practice, and an international outlook, the programme is an effective starting point in your development as a professional preparer, user, or auditor of financial information, and a gateway to further specialized training.

The programme will give you a solid basis for pursuing a career in accounting and control. The programme is designed in particular for students aiming for positions as financial manager or controller in major organizations, as well as for those who seek to work as an internal or public auditor.

‘This master is very dynamic and it covers all the fields of interest in the area of accounting and control. I gained a very good understanding of the related professions and I perceived this study as a good preparation before starting to work. The master challenges the student to think about and to debate new developments in the field.’

Paul van der Weijden,  Master's student in Accounting and Control
Testimonial Paul van der Weijden

Parttime study Master Accounting & Control?
These webpages describe the fulltime MSc programme in Accounting & Control.  VU University also offers the Master Accounting & Control  in a parttime programme. The parttime programme is taught mainly in Dutch, using the same English-language teaching materials as used in the fulltime programme. The parttime programme is offered in combination with the postgraduate programmes for Accountancy (Registeraccountant)  For more information on the parttime study Master Accounting & Control and postgraduate Accountancy we refer to:

  • Start date:1 September
  • Study type:Full-time
  • Field of Interest:Economics, Business and Law
  • Specializations:Management Control and Accounting/Financial Accounting and Auditing/Information Management
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