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Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient History

The Mediterranean and West Asian worlds during antiquity.

Programme of Classics and Ancient Civilizations
TitleMA Classics and Ancient Civilizations

The Master’s programme in Ancient History is specially developed for students wanting to dedicate most of their Master's studies to the history of the Mediterranean and West Asian worlds during antiquity. While our first thoughts go to the BA in History, students with Bachelor's in Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures (Griekse en Latijnse taal en cultuur) , Ancient Studies (Oudheidkunde) and Archaeology (Archeologie) are also welcome to participate. The broad range of study programmes offered by ACASA allows you to become an accomplished historian of antiquity.

Starting September 2012, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam are offering a joint Master's programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations within the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA), which also offers a range of other Master's programmes in the field of Ancient studies. Thanks to this joint venture you can choose from a wide range of subjects which allows you to develop as a scholar in many different specialisms.

  • Start date:1 September
  • Study type:Full-time
  • Field of Interest:Art, Culture and History
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