The programme in a nutshell

The Master's is a two-year programme (120 ECTS) taught in English. The Master’s programme consists of your individual specialization track combined with your chosen profile. empty


Each track encompasses compulsory (theoretical) courses, a research project including a Master's thesis, a literature thesis and a colloquium, as well as optional courses or a work placement. The first year focuses on your knowledge of chemistry theory. The second year is devoted to your specialization or career profile. 

The five specializations you can choose from:

You also choose a career profile:

  • Research. Focuses on the research in the field of your specialisation interest. (English)
  • Social. Focuses on policy, management and entrepreneurship in the field of Chemistry. (partly in Dutch)
  • Communications. Focuses on science communications theory and research, as well as in practice. (partly in Dutch)
  • Education. Provides teacher training for Dutch pre-university or vocational education. (partly in Dutch)

General programme

Your programme is depending on the specialization you choose. In general it consists of the following components:

  • introductory courses
  • advanced courses
  • optional courses 
  • research project in the field of your specialization (including a Master’s thesis)
  • a literature survey 
  • a colloquium
  • ethics and portfolio academic skills

General programme
General overview of the two year master programme

Course descriptions

More information about the programme can be found in the study guide or you can contact the master's coordinator.

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