Admission requirements

The requirements are split up into Masters’ specialization specific requirements and general requirements.

Specific requirements master’s programme

  • Students with a Dutch preliminary education
    All students who have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science obtained at a Dutch university (including the universities of technology in Delft, Eindhoven and Twente) can enrol for the Master’s programme in Computer Science. Admission of students with other diplomas requires the approval of the Examination Board. If there are gaps in the student's knowledge that might hinder the successful completion of a Master’s in Computer Science, a pre-Master’s programme of at most 30 ECTS may be required. If the gap is too pronounced, the student will be asked to do a Bachelor’s programme in Computer Science first. Depending on the level of his or her previous education the student may be exempted from –a portion of the Bachelor’s programme.
  • HBO graduates
    Students with Bachelor’s diplomas from Dutch hbo institutions can usually enrol for the Master’s programme in Computer Science after a pre-Master’s programme of 30 ECTS. The best fit is to be expected of those who have studied Hogere Informatica. For those with other degrees, such as heao-Business Informatics: enrolment for a Master's in Information Sciences might be a better choice.
  • Students with an international preliminary education
    Students with a Computer Science Bachelor’s diploma obtained at a foreign university can apply for admission to the Master’s Programme in Computer Science. We will judge on a case-by-case basis whether the student's Bachelor’s degree fits the chosen specialization of the Master’s programme and whether and to what extent a pre-Master’s track might be required. The Examination Board may set additional requirements.

General language proficiency requirements
VU University Amsterdam requires international applicants to take an English test and to submit their score as a part of the application. Exceptions are made for students who have completed their education in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia or who have obtained an international Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate diploma.

Admission to a Master’s programme: the Bachelor-before-Master rule
The Bachelor-before-Master rule (‘harde knip’) will be applied to all VU programmes as of 1 September 2013. This means that you can only start a Master’s programme on 1 September 2013 if you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree. Uncompleted Bachelor’s subjects are not permitted if you want to start a Master programme.

What does this mean now for students?
You may have to adjust your study plan. For example, if you’re planning a semester abroad in the first semester of the academic year 2012-2013, and you would like to start the following Master’s programme in September 2013, please note that every part of the Bachelor’s study programme has to be completed – not only the compulsory parts of the programme. Other (short) interruptions of your study programme can also have an effect on your ability to proceed onto a Master’s programme. If the Bachelor’s programme is not fully completed, you cannot start the Master’s programme until the start of the next academic year. Take this into account when planning your study path! Please contact our faculty’s study advisors when you have any questions.


Always contact the Master's coordinator for advice before sending in your application.

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