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Tinbergen Institute offers a five-year graduate programme consisting of two years of intensive coursework and research in its MPhil programme and three years of PhD thesis research. From 2008, this includes a separate track in finance, in cooperation with the Duisenberg School of Finance.

Among the institute‚Äôs teachers and teaching assistants, Jan Brinkhuis and Berber Kramer deserve a special mention. Jan Brinkhuis, who teaches the mathematics section in the methodology sequence, was elected Tinbergen Professor of the Year 2008/2009 by the first-year students. Bruno Biais, who teaches in the finance sequence, was runner up. First-year students also elected Berber Kramer as Tinbergen Teaching Assistant of the Year 2008/09, with Tse-Chun Lin as a good second in this election.

The annual Tinbergen Institute Lectures
The Economics Lecture (June 2010) will be taught by David Card (Berkeley) on labour economics, immigration and public policy. The Econometrics Lecture (June 2010) will be given by Frank Diebold (University of Pennsylvania) on finance and statistics. The finance lectures in 2010 will be given early September by Darrell Duffie (Stanford) on modelling interest rates, credit risk, and equilibrium market prices.

Qualified external students are explicitly invited to participate. A separate registration procedure applies for the Lectures. Details will be announced on the website.


As in previous years, participation of external students is facilitated in our MPhil courses. Details on regulations and fees can be found in Sections 2.3.2 and 3.2.3 of the brochure.

Prospective external participants should register online (http://www.tinbergen.nl/ > Graduate School), and follow further instructions given there (which may include instructions to submit a CV and a transcript of relevant earlier coursework, with grades).

Although applications from external students are taken throughout the year, it is strongly recommend that applications are submitted as early as possible. Capacity restrictions apply to all courses. Moreover, field courses may be cancelled early in the academic year if less than 5 (internal and external) students sign up.

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