Marketing from a Strategic Perspective

The Master in Marketing programme takes you on a journey in which you challenge yourself to look further in areas of marketing theory, research, and practice. You will learn to think strategically, create an understanding of how superior value can be created for customers and other stakeholders while achieving organizational goals.

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  • Start date:1 September
  • Study type:Part-time, Full-time
  • Field of Interest:Economics, Business and Law
  • Specializations:

    Various areas of marketing including - but not limited to - B2C, B2B and Customer Intelligence. Faculty interests include - but are not limited to - Innovation Adoption and Diffusion; Managerial and Consumer Decision Making; Geo-Marketing; Cross-Cultural Marketing; Social Marketing. You could also opt to take the honours programme.


Your programme in a nutshell

First semester
The journey begins by understanding how a sustainable competitive edge is obtained by creating value for customers and society. Rather than focusing on ‘recipes for success’, the emphasis is on looking further: Understanding why something works. This not only calls for profound comprehension of analytical techniques, but also leads to a journey which takes you deeper in the worlds of consumer and business-to-business marketing, either product or service, thus enabling you to address marketing challenges in an increasingly complex international environment.

Second semester
Academic skills are developed throughout the programme, enabling you to analyze, comprehend and reflect. Practical skills are developed as well, by solving (real-life) cases, playing a management game and working in teams. You will apply these skills during specialization courses and seminars on topics that you choose, such as strategy, innovation, cross-cultural research, geomarketing and consumer decision making. The Master’s thesis is the ultimate part of your journey, enabling you to research an exciting problem and make a real difference in the field.

'Students in the Master of Science in Marketing are encouraged to look beyond the surface: Professors teach them not to be satisfied with the most obvious and simple answer, but challenge them to reflect on different solutions and to evaluate carefully before drawing a conclusion.' Christine Dräger, MSc Marketing 2011 - for her testimonial, please click hereDräger, Christine (small)


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Parttime Master of Science Marketing

VU University offers also a parttime Master of Science Marketing (Dutch taught). 

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