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Theology & Religious Studies: Media

Media and religion

Specialization of:Theology & Religious Studies
Title:MA Theology & Religious Studies

The media bombard us with reports on clashes between different religions and faith-based cultures. Across the globe, religion holds sway over the public debate and the worldwide growth of Islam carries huge political significance. But religion is also part of popular culture. New forms of spirituality are finding their way in society alongside age-old religious traditions.

The Master’s specialization in Media enables you to reflect critically on the media’s role in constructing everyday images of social and cultural reality, religion and identity. You will analyse the influence of digital media on established religions, their institutions, communities and individual followers. You will consider the effect on the public debate and government policy. You will also see how religious movements and groups use the media to publicize their vision and bring the sacred to life in images, sound and words. Important ethical questions arise involving our information society and freedom of expression, religion and privacy.

De aanmeldingstermijn  voor de opleiding is verlengd tot 15 juli. Let op: heb je een HBO-opleiding hou  er dan rekening mee dat het afleggen van een premasterassessment  onderdeel is van  de procedure. De uitkomst van het assessment is niet bindend, maar zonder deel te nemen aan het premasterassessment kun je niet worden toegelaten tot de premaster.

Dit assessment zal plaatsvinden op zaterdagochtend 13 augustus a.s. in de TenT op de VU-campus. Iedere deelnemer maakt de testonderdelen individueel achter een eigen computer.

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Information days (Dutch)
Information days (English)
  • Start date:1 September
  • Study type:Part-time, Full-time
  • Field of Interest:Religion and Philosophy
  • Specializations:specialization of Theology & Religious Studies (1 year)
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