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European Structural Funds

About Structural Funds

Europe makes financial assistance available to the Member States in support of European structural policies. In the period 2007-2013, the Netherlands will receive 1.907 billion euros from the European Structural Funds, an amount that the Netherlands will double to almost four billion euros via private and public co-financing.

The Structural Funds are intended as supplementary to the regional policies of the Netherlands, which is itself responsible for the implementation of structural policies. Various parties are involved in this process, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs playing a coordinating role.

Structural Funds grants

Three major programmes are financed from the Structural Funds.

Europees Social Fund (ESF)
This programme is aimed at improving the employment prospects of European citizens.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
These are programmes designed to aid the economic development of four regions in the Netherlands:
Northern Netherlands; Eastern-Netherlands; Southern-Netherlands; Western-Netherlands

The INTERREG programme (formally also financed from the ERDF) offers the opportunity for cross-border collaboration. The Netherlands is taking part in the following programmes: Germany-Netherlands; Maas-Rhine; Flanders-Netherlands; North-Sea Region; North West Europe; Interregional Collaboration (Interreg C)

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