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PhD doctoral

Obtaining a PhD at VU University Amsterdam means doing so at a university that praises social involvement while maintaining high quality of research which is examplified by excellent PhD supervision and training courses in a well-organized and fascinating working environment.

  • All the faculties are located closely together on a single campus. That offers opportunities for both disciplinary and multidisciplinary doctoral research.
  • The university is situated on the Zuidas – an area that is becoming the international business centre of the Netherlands – and it has excellent public transport connections and outstanding links to the road network.
  • VU University Amsterdam offers its PhD students a wide range of teaching possibilities and invests in researchers with talent.

Every year, over 300 PhD students complete their research with a thesis, thereby making an important contribution to academic research at VU University Amsterdam. The Doctorate Regulations cover all matters relating to obtaining a doctorate in detail.

There are different ways of obtaining a doctorate at VU University Amsterdam. Most people do so in a doctorate programme as an employee of the university. It is also possible for employees from outside the university to be supervised by a VU professor (promoter) when composing their thesis.

Many PhD programmes at VU University Amsterdam are run, together with the research Master’s programmes, in Graduate Schools.


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