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Lezing: The Indian Diaspora

  • Startdatum22-01-2013
  • Tijd15.00
  • LocatieVU University Amsterdam, Metropolitan Building, room Z-009
  • TitelLecture: India and the Indian Diaspora Today
  • SprekerProf. N. Jayaram
  • ContactgegevensRegistration by emailing: mdc@vu.nl.
  • OnderdeelFaculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
  • CategorieSociale wetenschappen
  • EvenementtypeLezing

The VU’s Migration and Diversity Centre is organizing a public lecture where visiting scholar Prof. N. Jayaram from the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies will speak about his research on the Indian diaspora. He will discuss how the complexity of the Indian diaspora means its resistance to theorization and policy formulation. All are welcome and entry is free of charge.

The Indian diaspora is a heterogeneous phenomenon. This heterogeneity is explained by (a) the period of the initial immigration of Indians abroad, and (b) the nature of their immigration. Furthermore, history is evidence to the fact that the economic, political, social, and cultural experiences of the immigrant Indians in the country of their settlement have been varied. Accordingly, the orientation of the Indians in the diaspora towards India and Indian nationals, and that of India and the Indian nationals towards the Indian diaspora are also varied. This underlies the complexity of the Indian diaspora, and its resistance to facile sociological theorization and policy formulation.

Focusing on ‘heterogeneous diaspora’ and ‘asymmetrical orientations’ as the key concepts, in this lecture, I analyse the relationship between India/Indians and the Indian diaspora(s) in terms of their mutual interests in and various orientations towards each other. Problematizing ‘India’, ‘Indians’, and ‘the Indian diaspora’ as analytical constructs, I attempt a schematic representation of their interrelations, and reflects on the resultant theoretical implications.

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