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Find expert solutions to today's complex business problems

The Master’s in Business Analytics (BA) is a multidisciplinary programme, aimed at improving business processes by applying a combination of methods based on mathematics, computer science and business management. You will be trained in recognizing and solving in-company problems. BA is a hands-on programme: you will use your expertise in the various fields to improve business practices by examining and analysing real-world situations as faced by companies daily.

Construct, implement and assess solution approaches
Theories from Business Analytics are typically applied to areas such as supply chain planning, data mining, call centre management, revenue management and risk management. The Master’s programme will deepen your knowledge in these areas and give you the opportunity to specialize in business process optimization, computational intelligence and financial risk management. Combining the knowledge you acquire and applying it to practical situations plays an essential role in the programme. The Master’s degree is concluded with a six-month individual internship at a
company (the Master’s project).

  • Taal:Engels
  • Duur:2 years
  • Collegegeld:

    Tuition Fees

  • Aanmelden voor:1 June for Dutch students. 1 April for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students.* * EU/EEA students with an international degree who do not need housing services through Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam University Amsterdam can still apply until 1 June.
  • Startdatum:1 September
    1 February
  • Vorm:Duaal, Voltijd
  • Interessegebied:Informatica, Wiskunde en Bedrijf
  • Specialisaties:Business process optimization / Computational intelligence / Financial risk management


Anne Schoemaker I rounded off my BA studies in 2007 with a student placement at ABN AMRO Asset Management. I was offered three career options with the organization and I opted for a job as portfolio manager within the Volatility & Structured Beta team. This team focuses on managing a range of quantitative investment portfolios, such as the volatility arbitrage fund. This involves using an option valuation model to trade based on the difference between the implied and realized volatility of shares. read more >> 
Anne Schoemaker, BA graduate  


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