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Cognitive Neuropsychology (research)

Explore the intricacies of the brain, combine insights from cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, deepen your understanding of normal and abnormal brain function

The Master’s in Cognitive Neuropsychology is a two-year Research Master’s programme that operates on the cutting edges between cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology. While cognitive psychology is geared towards general theories of brain function, neuropsychology focuses on individual patients with brain damage, whose condition can often provide us with new insights into how the human brain works. Combining these two approaches into one Master’s programme is unique in the Netherlands.

The curriculum combines in-depth courses about normal and abnormal cognitive functioning across the life span with essential research skills in the neurosciences. You will learn to interpret fascinating clinical cases using solid cognitive and neuropsychological theories, but also learn to critically evaluate these theories. You will have the option to make an excursion into the emerging fields of educational neuropsychology, social cognition, or other related research areas. Look at our selection of exciting scientific questions we are working on. After choosing the research master in cognitive neuropsychology you might be working on this as well!

  • Taal:Engels
  • Duur:2 years
  • Collegegeld:

    Tuition fees

  • Aanmelden voor:15 July for Dutch students. For International students who apply after April 1 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam can not guarantee that accommodation will be available for them
  • Startdatum:1 September
  • Vorm:Voltijd
  • Interessegebied:Gedrag en Maatschappij


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