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Why study Computer Science?

Reputation of the programme

The Computer Science programme at VU University Amsterdam has a solid reputation for its approach to the subject. One faculty member, Professor Andrew S. Tanenbaum recently won the prestigious IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Award and a grant from the European Research Council of 2.4 million euros. Also, nearly 100% of computer science students find a full-time job that matches their qualifications before the day of their graduation. As a student, you will profit from the expertise of VU University Amsterdam’s research groups, and from their contacts at national and international level.

Individual programme of study
You will be encouraged to compile your personal programme of study, in consultation with your own coordinator who remains on hand to help with any queries you may have throughout your programme.

Interdisciplinary programme
Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam is very broad and wide-ranging compared to other universities. You will choose a specialization as part of the programme. Beside the compulsory courses, you will have the opportunity to take optional courses from the whole range of computer science.

International setting
The city of Amsterdam is a very welcoming environment for international students and staff. Our Computer Science department is also very international-oriented: 40 nationalities are represented among our academic staff, and our students come from many more different countries. 

If you would like to know more

Come to one of our information days or get in touch with a faculty representative.

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