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Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems

Experimental computer science - New solutions for globally dstributed systems

Our Top Master's programme in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems was founded by prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum and offers a great challenge to computer science talents. As the internet develops, it has come to include cloud computing centres, smartphones, RFID tags and sensor networks. This connected world brings new opportunities to science and business, but also new challenges to privacy and security. You will study entirely new software architectures and large-scale, geographically distributed systems which can serve billions of users. Scalability, performance, security and visualization are key topics.

This year, the Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems programme has been awarded the label "Top Master" again in the 'Keuzegids 2016' of C.H.O.I. (Higher education information centre). This label is based on ratings by experts and students.

Experimental computer science research
This Master’s emphasizes hands-on experiments, featuring many software lab courses that train you to solve challenging research problems using software experiments. You will work on design, implementation, testing and performance analysis of complex system software. Operating in small teams, you will train your collaborative research skills. Courses include Parallel Programming and Distributed Systems, Cluster and Grid Computing and Computer Graphics.

  • Taal:Engels
  • Duur:2 years
  • Collegegeld:Tuition fees
  • Aanmelden voor:1 June for Dutch students. 1 April for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students.* * EU/EEA students with an international degree who do not need housing services through Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam University Amsterdam can still apply until 1 June.
  • Startdatum:1 September
  • Vorm:Voltijd
  • Interessegebied:Informatica, Wiskunde en Bedrijf
  • Toelatingseisen:Admission and application


foto_ben_van_werkhoven "I've was a PDCS student at VU University Amsterdam. Currently, I am a PhD Student in the Computer Systems Group at the VU University Amsterdam. My research interests include high performance distributed computing on large collections of multi and many-core processors in clusters, grids and/or clouds - with the main focus on developing high-level programming models for such platforms. I really like the fact that the master focuses on experimental computer science. Sometimes in computer science you can not accurately predict the effects of the changes you make to a certain algorithm, for example, because the behavior of certain hardware features have not been publicly released by the manufacturer. In such cases you need to verify the behavior of your algorithms experimentally. This is exactly the kind of practical approach to solving problems that I like. 
The PDCS masters is also a very international masters program, with students from all over the world. In fact, I was the only dutch student in my year. Together with a mix of good theoretical, practical and research oriented courses, I think the PDCS program is a great preparation for students who consider pursuing a PhD after their masters."
Ben van Werkhoven,(former) dutch Master student PDCS


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