Stage 1: Confidential Counsellor for Academic Integrity Issues

If you have any suspicions that a Vrije Universiteit or VUmc academic staff member has violated the academic integrity rules (e.g. through plagiarism or manipulation/fabrication of research data), it is advisable to contact one of the confidential counsellors.

The confidential counsellor’s role is to advise and/or assist anyone who seeks their support. He/she can discuss the nature and seriousness of the situation with you and advise you on the appropriate course of action. In some cases he/she can explore whether the issue can be resolved through mediation between the parties. The other party can also seek support from one of the other confidential counsellors or from another person of his/her choice.

Sometimes the confidential counsellor will advise you to submit a formal complaint to the Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit (EB). In this case the EB will refer the complaint to the Academic Integrity Committee (CWI). The CWI procedure is explained under the heading ‘Stage 2’ (below). The confidential counsellor can help you to submit the complaint in the correct manner.

Four clusters

The confidential counsellors are grouped per cluster of faculties (Humanities & Theology, Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine). To ensure a correct assessment of the situation, it may be advisable to select a confidential counsellor from the cluster to which the complaint relates. However, you are free to select a confidential counsellor from a different cluster if you prefer.

Confidential Counsellors on behalf of the Humanities cluster

dr. Antske FokkensFaculty of Humanities[email protected]020-59 86460 Main Building, by appointment 

Confidential Counsellors on behalf of the Sciences cluster

prof. dr. Herman VerhoefFaculty of Science[email protected]
W&N Building, Room H-120
Appointment required
prof. dr. Frans van LunterenFaculty of Science[email protected]020-59 87979
W&N Building, Room U-260
Appointment required

Confidential Counsellors on behalf of the Social Sciences cluster

prof. dr. Harmen Verbruggen
School of Business and Economics
[email protected]
020-59  89520
Main building, room 9A-64
mr. dr. Klaas Rozemond
Faculty of Law
[email protected]
appointment required
prof. dr. Marjo de Theije
Faculty of Socail Sciences
[email protected]
020-59 86717
Main building, appointment required

Confidential Counsellors on behalf of the Medicine cluster

prof. dr. Jan HeimansVUmc, Faculty of Medicine
[email protected]
Appointment required
prof. dr. Siebren MiedemaFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences[email protected]
Appointment required
prof. dr. Cor van LoverenACTA, Faculty of Dentistry
[email protected]020-59 80662ACTA building, Room 13N-57
No appointment required

How to contact the Confidential Counsellors: in various buildings, the office area can only be accessed with an authorized pass. This means that not all Confidential Counsellors can be visited without an appointment. In this case, you can always call or send an email to make an appointment.