New Research building

The VU Research Building will be a 27,000 m2 bèta medical lab building and is the next step in the renewal of beta housing and research infrastructure. The building will accommodate a wide range of facilities and functions needed for education and research within the Human Health & Life Sciences theme and the departments Physics, Neurosciences, and Earth Sciences. This includes electro-microscopy and vibration-free laser laboratories with constant temperature and R&D facilities for collaboration with other parties. The building was designed by CEPEZED.

Slurry and sheet-pile walls new VU Research Building in the ground
For quite some time we have been working on the foundations for the VU Research Building. With the installation of the slurry and sheet-pile walls, this phase is completed. A new phase will commence in September, namely the driving in of the foundation piles. The new build will be constructed opposite the Main Building on the corner of Gustav Mahlerlaan and De Boelelaan. The building is scheduled for completion in 2023. Watch the video where a sheet-pile wall is placed >

Vibration-free building
The VU Research Building is unique because it was designed as a completely vibration-free building, although the immediate environment produces lots of vibrations as there are both tram and train tracks nearby as well as the busy ring road of Amsterdam that will also be subject to renovation work in the coming years. The building will boast sophisticated measuring equipment, for example the electron microscopes in the VU LaserLaB. A thick concrete sheet-pile wall with a length of 150 metres will therefore be inserted down to 25 metres below sea level, so research activities can take place unhindered.

The image shows an impression of one of the reinforced cages integrated into the concrete wall. The wall is one of the measures intended to make vibration-free research possible.


The opening of the new research building is planned for 2022. Together with the 0|2 Lab building and the New University building, this research building is the replacement for the outdated W&N building, which will be partly demolished in the near future. The building will be situated next to the O|2 Lab building on De Boelelaan

Read more in the Factsheet > (in Dutch)


Building combination J.P. van Eesteren-Croonwolter&dros started designing the construction site in May 2020. The first construction activities will start at the beginning of July. Until the end of the year, they are busy with the foundation work. For this work, the most vibration-free method was chosen in order to minimize nuisance to the surrounding area. They will then start the first concrete work for the foundation at the end of this year.

Construction work is roughly divided into the following stages:

  • Construction site construction and preparatory work
  • Building pit and basement
  • Structural high-rise and low-rise buildings
  • Facades and roofs
  • Finishing and furnishing the grounds
  • Completion of the building in mid-2023

Conscious Builder
As a construction company, J.P. van Eesteren-Croonwolter&dros realise that they are guests in the area. They try to prevent any inconvenience as much as possible. Part of the approach is that they work according to the Bewuste Bouwers code, which focuses on limiting nuisance to the surrounding area.

More information
For more information and questions about construction (in Dutch):