Campus square

Campus binnenplein


Statusmore shops and restaurants, and a fresh design for public spaces
Completion datephased completion 2013 - 2020
Architect OTH Architecten (shops)
Karres & Brands Landscape Architects (public spaces) 
AddressDe Boelelaan (between the W&N and OZW Buildings)

Campus square will be given an urban - but green - atmosphere and it will become the heart of the university. The area will be an inviting place to meet, relax, study and work. It will be a safe and sociable place, an outdoor living area where you can sit and work on a terrace or bench, have a meeting or just relax. And even after you have finished your work, there will be plenty to see and do: performances, film screenings, and sports activities in the square.

Campus square will be completely pedestrianized. There will be no more cars parked at ground level, and some of the parking places for bicycles and scooters will also be removed. More shops and restaurants will be built around the Campus square area, and it will be the site of the first on-campus student housing and a hotel. All this will give it the vibrancy of a small town.empty