VU Campusradio


Listen VU Campusradio!!

Via the link above you open a .pls file with which you can listen to the broadcast. There are various programs with which you can do this, for example VLC and foobar2000. If this method fails, copy the following link ( ) to a media player that can open a network stream.

In September we started broadcasting the first radio program the VrijMiBo show. Every week we hear from VU alumni Koen Voors and Marc Lamain what their views on current events in the past week are and what that week will become the "gore snack". All this under the guidance of great music.

VrijMiBo show every Friday from 14:00 - 16:00

We are working hard to be able to offer more broadcasts. Information about this will be communicated on this webpage.

Join us !!

"College radio" and radio for and by students at major universities. You must have heard of it. The beating heart of a campus where students make their "voice heard", discuss themes that matter and shape the student community in their own unique way.

Campus radio offers you the opportunity to make your voice heard throughout the entire VU community and you develop presentation, editing and interviewing skills that will be useful for the rest of your life.

You can ask attention for your studies, your association, student life or student welfare. But you can also make a creative contribution, for example in the form of a column, poem or a short story.
Because making radio with your fellow students is great fun and a great addition to your studies!
If you participate, you can receive training from the NPO training team and there is a possibility that you can move on to the FunX or 3FM campus radio route. Send us a message: