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As you know, as VU community we cannot meet on campus at the moment. VU Campusradio, wants to connect, update and entertain students and VU employees during this quarantine period.

Therefore we aim to broadcast daily at 11 am a new "VU Campus radio in quarantine program". A program with music, conversations, interviews and your personal stories.
Every afternoon you will hear a repeat of this program at 3 p.m.

VU Campus radio player

VU Campusradio is a young, student and employee run, on-campus broadcasting station. We endeavour to connect anyone, either student, professor, supporting staff or guest, by making programmes that inspire, entertain and inform, both in Dutch and English. Below you can find the moments at which we usually broadcast live and a list of our current shows, which you can also listen to as podcasts. You can listen to our broadcasts via the player above or our page on Radio King.
Do you want to join our team, become a radio maker, either behind the screens or on a microphone? Get in touch with us by mailing at [email protected].
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Broadcasting timeslots

11:00-12:00the new normal  (EN)
Dunja Nesovic & Joana Voss
Wednesday11:00-12:00Jonathan's Take (EN)
Jonathan Limm
Thursday11:00-12:00Blast From The Past (EN)Jonathan Limm & Adalie Elisabeth Bruine de Bruin
14:00-16:00De VrijMiBo-show  (NL)Marc Lamain & Koen Voors
11:00-12:00Quarantaine Radio (EN)
Vinicius Borges
Sunday11:00-12:00Lazy Sunday Mornings (NL)
Selma Boulmalf & Rosanne Molendijk

Our shows
De VrijMiBo-show (NL)
Blast From The Past (EN)
Jonathan's Take (EN)

A NEWConnective podcast about the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan that started on April 24. Spiritual counselor in training Eva Venema talks to Islamologist and program maker Nora Asrami about the meaning of the Islamic fasting month Ramadan and fasting in quarantaine. This podcast is only in Dutch.

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