Safety at VU Amsterdam



Are you a smombie?
The word ‘smombie’ is a contraction of ‘smartphone’ and ‘zombie’. This is someone who is so focused on their smartphone that they are almost entirely unaware of what is happening around them. The term ‘smombie’ sounds kind of cute. But just take a look at these videos and you’ll see what can happen to smartphone junkies in the hectic traffic on and around the VU Campus: Video clip 1   &   video clip 2 
Don’t retreat into a world of your own. Be actively involved in the traffic!

Veiligheid_OnwelAre you prepared?
Add the VU Amsterdam-emergency number 020-5982222
to your contacts
Veiligheid_PhishingPhishing. Don't get hooked. Watch out for email scams!
Veiligheid_IDDon't share your password and VUnetID. It's your privacy!
Veiligheid_DiefstalStuff gone missing? VU Amsterdam Security will listen.
Main Building KC-04
Call 85854 or 020-5985854
Z_cardVU Amsterdam emergency card