Appeals to the Examinations Appeal Board

The Examinations Appeal Board will investigate and adjudicate on matters relating to:

  • The number of credits awarded (which may affect grant entitlement) 
  • The result of a final examination 
  • Admission to examination sessions
  • Negative binding recommendation of continuation of studies 
  • Colloquium doctum requirements and attainment of other pre-qualifications 
  • Admission to the university's teaching training courses 
  • Mandatory course recommendations 
  • Admission to a Master's programme

All decisions made by examinations boards or individual examiners relating to matters such as:

  • Examination grades 
  • The credit value of a thesis or (graduation) project 
  • Approval of subject combinations 
  • Exemptions

Students may also appeal any written refusal to make a decision, or failure to make a decision within a reasonable period.
The Standing Orders of the Examinations Appeal Board can be found here.

  • How to lodge an appeal
  • Procedures
  • Special procedures