• The Board will acknowledge receipt of the written appeal. 
  • The Board will forward a copy of your letter to the relevant person or persons, inviting them to consider whether an amicable settlement is possible. 
  • Within one week of the appeal being lodged, the person or persons responsible for the original decision must invite the student concerned to discuss the matter. The Examinations Appeal Board is to be informed of the outcome of this meeting, and whether an amicable agreement has been reached, within three weeks.  
  • If an amicable settlement has been reached, the procedure is closed. 
  • The President of the Examinations Appeal Board may decide to forgo attempts to reach an amicable settlement if, for example, he considers the likelihood of success to be too low or further delay would seriously disadvantage the student. 
  • Where no amicable settlement has been reached, the person or persons responsible for the decision must submit a written rebuttal to the Board, presenting his/their account of the circumstances, within three weeks after receiving the appeal.
  • The Board will invite both parties to a hearing, held in open session. In exceptional circumstances, the hearing may be held 'in camera', i.e. behind closed doors. Both parties are given the opportunity to present their case. Members of the Board will ask questions as necessary. If desired, the student can be represented by counsel and may call (expert) witnesses. 
  • The Board will issue its ruling within four weeks of the hearing and the ruling will be communicated to both parties as soon as possible thereafter.