How to lodge an appeal to the Executive Board

All appeals must be made in the form of a letter (an e-mail will not be accepted). This letter must include:

  • Your name and full address. 
  • Enough information to allow the examiner, examinations board or other body responsible for the decision to be identified. 
  • Details of the decision being appealed. In the case of a written decision, a copy should be enclosed. In the case of refusal or failure to make a decision, give a full account of the situation and the nature of the required decision. 
  • The grounds for appeal: why are you unable to accept the original decision? 
  • Date and signature.

Your letter must be received within six weeks of the announcement of the decision against which you are appealing. An appeal may be considered beyond this period only if there are compelling reasons for its late submission.

Your letter should be addressed to:
 The Executive Board 
 mw. drs. A.M. van Donk 
 De Boelelaan 1105
 1081 HV Amsterdam