Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and Studies

Students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often need extra support and guidance to successfully complete their course of study. We offer a tailor-made format.

Guidance A student with ASD receives personal participation assistance
Topics- Planning and structure
- Communication / cooperation with fellow students and teaching staff
- Study skills
- Provisions and facilities
Aim (pro-active)- Reduce study barriers
- Foster a successful study career
AppointmentsMax. 30 mins per week, September until June
Personal contribution€ 100.00 per academic year
Preconditions- An official ASD diagnosis  
- Support worker from or contact at GGZ (mental health service)


Questions/ AplicationMail Amel Labeab and/or make an intake appointment. If you like, you can take along your parent(s) and/or support worker to the discussion, which is preferably arranged in the months prior to starting your course (May- June).

Amel Labeab
Coordinator ASD