Student General Counselling Service


From left to right: Jan Nieuwenhuis; Karin Waanders; Marjorie Wielkens; Mariken Blom;

You can visit the Student General Counsellor for advice ans counselling on various objects. In most cases the first person to address in case of study related problems is your Faculty Study Advisor. When you need more or specific information you can make an appointment with the Student General Counsellor (sometimes called Dean for Students): 

  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness: additional help can be provided in the form of physical aids or extra tuition. 
  • Questions about financial matters, including student loans and grants (like problems with DUO) or insurance or social benefits. 
  • Financial aid (see FOS information on Financial Aid in Study Delay) in cases of illness or exceptional family matters or a particular talent in sports or culture, or board membership of student associations/societies  (if eligible). 
  • Problems with application with Studielink, the ballot procedure, allocation of student places, fixed quota courses, the university admissions examination (colloquium doctum) or paying tuition fee. 
  • Personal matters such as family problems or difficulty in adjusting to life at university or discrimination or long term illness, pregnancy. 
  • Advice on discontinuation of your study, disputes relating to examination results or disagreements with staff members. 
  • Advice and guidance during the preparatory phases (VASVU and NT2VU) for refugees attending a course of study at VU Amsterdam. 
  • Other matters, such as a urgent housing calamities (if eligible).

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