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The global society is increasingly challenged by complex problems affecting people, planet and prosperity. Food security, sustainability of the natural environment, governance, social and economic inclusiveness, are amongst the major issues of our time, demanding sustainable solutions.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is committed to society and wants to cross traditional frontiers.  Partnerships by means of interdisciplinary teams: researchers, development practitioners, local entrepreneurs and academic partners from different countries, cultures and disciplines are working together to realize ground-breaking innovation and undertake societally relevant research and action to the benefit of society.

The Centre for International Cooperation of VU Amsterdam (CIS-VU) facilitates, supports and coordinates these efforts and has relevant links to a vast international network of partners in developing and emerging countries: academic institutions, small and medium enterprises, industry partners and civil society. CIS-VU is a central hub in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, linking up researchers and professionals to innovative projects.

To encourage this process now, and also to highlight the broad range of teaching and research car­ried out at VU Amsterdam, CIS-VU has adopted four thematic areas, which can be mapped on the VU profiling themes.

Our approach

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Thematic areas