Centre for International Cooperation (CIS)

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Our mission: “CIS collaborates and applies the knowledge of VU Amsterdam in a global context."

The Centre for International Cooperation (CIS) initiates, coordinates and (co-)implements programmes and projects in capacity building, education, research and outreach in cooperation with partners (universities, government agencies and civil society organisations) in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

These activities express the societal engagement of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in a global perspective beyond the Euro-American axis, in line with the four profiling themes in the strategic plan of the university:
  1. Governance for Society
  2. Human Health & Life Sciences
  3. Connected World
  4. Science for Sustainability

CIS believes in an integrated, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to address global challenges in close collaboration with VU faculties and international partners. CIS has become a centre of expertise within VU International Office, dedicated to international cooperation since 1955.

CIS is an important pillar of the VU's internationalisation and sustainability policy and contributes to:

- Faculty and interfaculty research and education
- Valorisation of knowledge in the international community field
- International atmosphere at VU campus
- Mobility
- Diversity
- Focus Country Policy
- Community Service Learning
- Aurora Network
- Green Office
- Funding for PhD students from projects and non-EU enrolment in Masters and PhD programs
- Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)