Focal countries: South Africa and Indonesia



VU Amsterdam aims at intensifying institutional relationships with partners in two countries, South Africa and Indonesia, by reinforcing and extending regular inter-academic connections.

Societal engagement, international diversity and new venues for research collaboration are the main drivers for the two programs SAVUSA (South Africa VU Strategic Alliances)  RIVUSA (Republic of Indonesia VU Strategic Alliances). Academic collaboration within these programmes are aligned to VU’s profiling themes.

The SAVUSA and RIVUSA focal country programmes aim at substantially increasing and strengthening cooperation between VU and South African and Indonesian partners, including higher education institutions, government, civil society and the private sector.

The two focal country programmes address research, education and capacity development. Furthermore SAVUSA and RIVUSA serve as a knowledge broker.

For more information contact Colette Gerards (SAVUSA), Wendelien Tuijp (RIVUSA)