Minor Environment & Development

Environment & Development course – part of the Minor Development & Global Challenges at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Sustainable environmental management and sustainable (economic) development are two key challenges facing the world. The relationship between development issues and environmental issues is complex and transboundary, as it cuts across the globe. The way we, as a society, allocate financial, human and natural resources directly influence how we manage local, national and global environments. The Environment & Development course is about understanding the world we live in and questioning the sustainability of our choices as individuals and as members of society. 

During the course we will discuss multiple critical and societally relevant questions, such as: “What do we mean by the concepts of environment and development and how are the two related? What are the causes and consequences of global environmental change? How is the global community dealing with ecological problems? Is sustainable development, with its notions of environmental ‘friendliness’, really achievable?”

The content of this interdisciplinary course is a mixture of theory and international case studies. Both lecturers from the VU and guest lecturers from multiple sectors will discuss and present illustrated case studies from all over the world. Students are encouraged to examine and critically reflect on the multi-faceted and multi-level relationships between economic and social development, and the environment. Students learn to recognize and analyze the current and potential impact(s) of the major international environmental concerns. For more information, see the study guide.

Minor Course
E&D students on a fieldtrip to De Ceuvel community in Amsterdam Noord