Curriculum Development

Most countries have seen a substantial rise in the proportion of their people receiving higher education over the past decades. There has been a dramatic shift from class to mass and today’s records show that half of the world's students of higher education are living in developing countries and emerging economies. Knowledge has become a springboard for economic growth and development and the demand for people with higher qualifications has increased rapidly. Higher Education Institutes are pressured to offer new, cross-disciplinary education programmes and innovative teaching techniques to keep pace with a continually-evolving global environment. Our advisors on curriculum development therefore offer specific expertise and consultancy services to a variety of Higher Education Institutes that are in the process of renewing their education programmes, developing new - or redesigning existing -curricula and introducing innovative teaching and learning methodologies. 

We address a wide range of topics related to curriculum development, such as:

  • Labour-market needs assessment
  • Competence-based curriculum development
  • Constructive alignment 
  • Blended learning 
  • Living labs