Institutional Development

Globally universities are expanding and also the number of Higher Education Institutes is growing both in developing countries and in emerging economies. As a result universities are challenged to transform and adapt to changing circumstances and needs of society. The same applies to public sector organizations and NGOs. Our advisors on institutional development therefore offer specialized expertise and consultancy services to a variety of institutions that are facing such challenges. Based on a long track record we can state that our services usually result in enhanced staff motivation and increased performance.

We address a wide range of topics related to institutional development, such as:

Strategy development
Implementation of policy changes
Leadership & management
Centralization versus decentralization
Change management
Executive coaching
Organizational learning
Monitoring and evaluation

We design our tailor-made training packages together with our partners in co-creation. We apply a contextualized approach, which is characterized by flexibility, openness and the ability to look at issues from different perspectives. In our view a contextualized approach also implies taking into account local conditions, power relations, sensitivity for cultural dynamics and personal attitudes. We intend to apply general principles and global good practices and translate these to a local context in an appropriate and meaningful manner. In our interventions we relate theoretical inputs to real-life practices making use of creative methods to generate new experiences and insights.