Marise van Amersfoort

Amersfoort van, Marise
+31 20 59 83207
[email protected]
student- & onderwijszaken ( international office )
Senior Advisor Conflict Resolution and Mediation / Project Manager International Cooperation Projects

Key Qualifications/Fields of Expertise

  • Mediation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Organizational Learning
  • Train the trainer


Marise van Amersfoort works as project manager, advisor and trainer in a variety of international projects. She is certified mediator (Mediation Federation the Netherlands) and involved in the acquisition and implementation of a variety of projects in which mediation and conflict resolution play a role. Disciplines covered in these projects are Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Theology and Natural Resource Management. This can be either at the level of:

  • Public service delivery (mediation between citizens and the government)
  • Reconciliation (mediation in criminal cases)
  • Community mediation
  • Multi-party mediation (involvement of parties at different levels/interstate)
  • Awareness raising, institutionalisation of mediation, development of acknowledgement of mediation
  • Trauma healing    

Overarching themes are conflict diagnoses and styles, communication, negotiation, trust, security, emotions and interests. Marise provides training on mediation and conflict resolution, focusing on knowledge, skills and attitude, clarifying (academic) theories and results of monitoring and evaluation studies that underlie specific practices and processes. Training on these topics has enabled participants to make a difference in the way conflicts are looked at; they can contribute to solving the conflict, to the sustainability of the solutions, as well as the experience of the solution. 

In facilitating training courses, Marise applies an interactive approach to stimulate experiential learning and creativity, aiming to allow an in-depth understanding of the topic. As a mediator, she applies a facilitative approach.

Prior to these projects, Marise has managed various capacity building and cooperation projects for universities, ministries and NGOs on topics like “Fair Trial principles” (Rwanda), “Free Trade Agreements”, “Advocacy skills in the area of democracy, law and human rights”, “University Governance” and “Transformational Leadership” (Indonesia).

Various post-graduate and research projects Marise has coordinated are the “Training Indonesia’s Young Leaders Programme”, the “Islam Research Programme Indonesia”, the “SKILLS programme” (South Africa) and the “Desmond Tutu Programme” (South Africa). At Leiden University she managed the set-up of the international Bachelor’s programme ‘International Studies’.


Rwanda/DR Congo/Uganda

  • Natural resource management and conflict resolution for stability and inclusive growth in the Greater Virunga Landscape


  • JUST: Justice for All through University and Professional Sustainable Service Delivery, Teaching and Training

DR Congo

  • Impacting hearts, heads and hands: Addressing intergenerational experiences of trauma and violence, promoting servant leadership and strengthening partnerships in the field of Community Based Sociotherapy
  • Promoting community dialogue in the context of conflict: Strengthening the capacity of a local Congolese NGO in organizational development, gender mainstreaming and monitoring and evaluating community-based sociotherapy in South Kivu, DRC
  • Conflict Resolution, Trauma Recovery and Women Empowerment in Post-Conflict Eastern Congo
  • Breaking cycles of violence: Strengthening the capacity of a local Congolese NGO in implementing, monitoring and evaluating community-based sociotherapy in North Kivu, DRC 


  • Enhancing democracy and citizen’s trust in governance: Adopting a Fair Treatment Approach in Indonesia’s Ombudsman Offices


  • Mediation on the move in Suriname: Fostering sustainable interventions to establish mediation as an effective professional alternative to resolve conflicts
  • All eyes on mediation in Suriname: Training professionals, promoting referral of conflict cases and developing a quality control system