Esther den Hartog

Hartog den, Esther
+31 20 59 89054
student- & onderwijszaken ( international office )
Senior Advisor Organization and Management for Development/Project Manager International Cooperation Projects

Key qualifications/field of expertise

  • Design and facilitation of tailor-made training programmes
  • Effective management of complex projects
  • Development of interventions which support change and/or institutional development
  • Personal counselling/coaching

Summary of work experience

In my position as Advisor Institutional Development, my work experience encompasses the acquisition and management of (international) capacity building projects, facilitating leadership & management training for junior officials, top- & middle management and developing interventions which support change initiatives and/ or institutional development. In addition I work as a Life Counselor thus offering clients practical methods and insights in order to learn how to deal with challenges on their life path.

I have a strong motivation and fascination for the theme ´personal leadership´.  My point of departure is to assist clients in finding their own solutions rather than to impose solutions on them. In my interventions I use my open-mindedness, ability to ask questions, intuition, enthusiasm, flexibility, creativity and intercultural understanding and respect.



  • SRHR Tailor-made Information and Training to Contribute to Occupational Health and safety conditions of factory workers in the Ready-Made Garment Sector (STITCH) in Bangladesh 


  • Training Non-Specialists in Delivering Mental Health Programs for Syrian Refugees in Jordan 


  • ErasmusPus staff exchange with Anton de Kom (UVS), University of Surinam (KA-107)


  • ErasmusPlus staff exchange with the Royal University of Bhutan and the Royal Thimphu College (KA-107)


  • Capacity Development of Transnational Law, Asset Recovery and International Investment Arbitration at the Department of International Law Universitas Indonesia (CAPDEV-TL)
  • Strengthening Capacity in Health Insurance and Finance for Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia at Universitas Gadjah Mada