Denyse Snelder

Snelder, Denyse
+31 20 59 89080
student- & onderwijszaken ( international office )
Senior Advisor Natural Resources Management

Key qualifications/ field of expertise

  • (Co-)Management of Natural Resources 
  • Soil and water conservation for food security 
  • Agroforestry and food security 
  • Protected areas / biodiversity conservatio 
  • Biofuels 
  • Trainings and courses (in above fields; and in research design, methods and proposal writing; curriculum review and development)

Summary of work experience

Dr Denyse Snelder obtained her PhD in physical geography at the University of Toronto, Canada based on research directed at vegetative control of soil erosion in the semi-arid Baringo District, Kenya. Between 1994 and 2012, she worked as associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Science at Leiden University. During those years she was coordinator of the Cagayan Valley Programme on Environment and Development, Philippines, conducting research within the field of smallholder tree-growing systems and biodiversity conservation and management. Since 2009, she fills a position at the Centre for International Cooperation of the VU Amsterdam working as senior advisor on research and/or capacity building projects related to, for example, natural resource management and eco-tourism  in Ethiopia (STRONGBOW funded by NUFFIC); water harvesting technologies in Sub Saharan Africa (WHaTeR funded by EU-FP7); A Sustainable Approach to Livelihood Improvement in Kenya (ASALI funded through a legacy by VU Amsterdam); biodiversity and forest fragmentation in the Philippines (funded by Aspasia-NWO, Leiden University). Her main interests are in co-management of natural resources, food security and land use transition, agroforestry, biofuels, soil and water conservation, and forest and grassland management in tropical regions.
Dr Snelder has conducted extensive research on sustainable land management, particularly in the Philippines, and, over the past years, extended her research and capacity building activities through projects in Sub Sahara Africa. Dr Snelder finally contributes to various courses and trainings in the field of environment and sustainable land and water management, research design, methods and proposal writing, and curriculum review and development.




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