In the institutional plan of 2015-2020, the VU annunciates the ambition to make CSL a structural and integrated part of the curriculum. In the institutional plan this is expressed as follows: 

"Our students are socially involved and concerned. (…) Besides this, during their Bachelors, students can make a direct contribution to society trough ‘Community Services” activities. Through a ‘Community Service’ program, BSc and Msc students and teachers will work on societal issues brought to us by social cooperation partners. This can take the form of an internship or thesis research focused on problem oriented teaching assignments. Through this, students use their academic skills for the benefit of local and regional communities, and are triggered to enhance their skills in the field op leadership, cooperation and personal development. 'Community Services' contribute to the creation of an interdisciplinary, transboundary academic cooperation and international exchange. In addition, they can serve as the engine behind follow-up studies. The ultimate goal is that ‘Community Services’ are anchored within the educational system and research, and fit within the profiling themes of the VU."

We aim to integrate a form of CSL within every educational program by the end of 2017.