Vision for Education

The Vision for Education at VU Amsterdam, represents an actualization of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and builds upon the vision set out in Looking Further in Education, a publication that marked the university’s 130th anniversary in 2010.

Chapter 1 considers the educational aims of VU Amsterdam in the 21st century. What does the university wish to achieve, and who does it aim to reach? The answers to these questions are placed in the context of the university’s modern-day identity. The document then goes on to discuss the implications in various policy areas, including the form and profile of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes (Chapter 2) and the university’s position as an international seat of learning with its roots firmly in the Amsterdam region (Chapter 3).

Chapter 4 examines the way in which VU Amsterdam pursues ongoing renewal within education, keeping pace with social and technological developments at both the national and international level. The prime consideration throughout is the role played by academic staff, researchers and students. They are the ones who, together with the support staff, represent the embodiment and personification of the university’s Vision for Education.

VU Amsterdam's Vision for Education (PDF)