Examination Committees

The Examination Committee has a crucial and legal task with regards to the quality control of a programme. The task of the Examination Committee is one of assessment: it assesses the level of the programme at the level of the individual student and guarantees the quality of examinations.

Upon amendment of the Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek (WHW) [Dutch Higher Education and Research Act], through the Wet versterking besturing [Dutch Law on Enforcement of Management] of 1 September 2010, the Examination Committee was given more substantial responsibilities. Moreover, ‘independence and expertise’ were defined as the most important characteristics of an Examination Committee. These characteristics concern the position of the Examination Committee in the organisation, appointment and composition of the members of the Examination Committee, and the responsibilities and authority of the Examination Committee.

For the formation and operation of the Examination Committee, VU Amsterdam deploys a model of rules and regulations for Examination Committees.