Student Facilities

The Centrum voor Studie en Loopbaan (CSL) [centre for studies and career] functions as a centre of expertise for studies and careers and plays an important role in services to students. CSL is meant for students who want to benefit more from their studies, or for those who require more service. Amongst others, CSL offers courses on choice of studies, interviews with a psychologist or student dean, and obtaining career advice and information on student grants and loans.

As part of the new view regarding our university campus, cultural, sport, and accommodation facilities are also realised on campus. In addition to the campus, the student flats of Uilenstede, at approximate one kilometre from the main building, is an important location for VU Amsterdam. This is the main accommodation for sport and cultural facilities, and many domestic and international students stay here. Housing almost 3,000 students, it is the largest student campus in the Netherlands.

During the past few years, we have invested considerably in implementing a new student information system, SAP/SLM. It re-designed and standardised all the supporting processes surrounding education. Through the new portal, VUnet, students have easy access to all sorts of general and personal study information and the possibility to register on-line for subjects, practicals, and examinations. Lecturers are afforded direct insight into the number of registrations and entering examination results is simple.

With a view to our policy regarding students with a functional limitation, our point of departure is the frame of reference of the Committee Maatstaf. It stipulates which facilities are available to students with a functional limitation, how these facilities are awarded, and who is responsible for realising the facilities. Subsequently, it was elaborated in nine quality requirements which are also included in the Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning. The Study Adviser is the first contact for students with a functional limitation. The Student Dean can assist students in obtaining financial support or applying for other arrangements. In addition, students with a functional limitation are supported by Studenten Contact, Hulp & Informatie bij Beperkingen (SCHIB) [student contact, assistance, and information] in case of limitation.