Professionalisation of the lecturers

The Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (BKO) [basic teaching qualification] counts as the minimum requirement for all teaching job levels of the academic staff (wetenschappelijk personeel, WP). Since 2010, this requirement counts as precondition for tenure. Apart from basic teaching skills and multicultural competencies, BKO also deals with the View on Education and on the personal reflection by lecturers on their academic activities.

In addition, following on BKO, we initiated a Senior Kwalificatie Onderwijs (SKO) [senior teaching qualification] trajectory. The aim of the SKO course is to empower senior lecturers and potential senior lecturers in the different roles they play in education in order to strengthen the quality of education. A course on educational leadership, organised for us by the Centre of Excellence in University Teaching (CEUT) of Utrecht University, was also introduced. This course aims at academic staff in overall steering functions in education and provides them with the know-how to act as educational leaders in a Faculty.

English language proficiency is a basic condition for lecturers who teach in English. These lecturers are all tested for their mastery of English. If a lecturer does not obtain the required score, he or she is obliged to take a refresher course.