College of Deans

The university has a College of Deans. The college consists of deans from each faculty. The Rector is the colleges chairperson. The College of Deans is also responsible for PhD programmes.  


Faculty of Humanities
- Prof. M. ter Hark
Faculty of Dentistry/Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam
- Prof. A. Feilzer
Faculty of Sciences & Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
- Prof. A.T. Schreiber
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
- Prof. P.J. Beek
Faculty of Law
- Prof. W.H.A.C.M. Bouwens
Faculty of Medicine/VU University Medical Center
- Prof. C.H. Polman
Faculty of Social Sciences
- Prof. K.I. van Oudenhoven-van der Zee
Faculty of Theology
- Prof. R.R. Ganzevoort 
School of Business and Economics
- Prof. dr. A. van Witteloostuijn


Dutch: College van Decanen.