VSBfonds Scholarships

Study abroad with a grant from the VSBfonds!

VSB beurs

Dutch students can follow up their education at VU Amsterdam with further study or research abroad with an VSBfonds Scholarships. Every year the VSBfonds Scholarships makes a number of grants available for inspired and motivated students, who wish to further their personal development.

Next deadline - 1 March 2020

Applying for the grant

For Dutch students with a university education who want to follow an additional study abroad it is possible to apply for VSBfonds Scholarships (in Dutch). The application procedure (in Dutch) takes place within Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Information on the website is only available in Dutch; students must have a Dutch nationality to qualify for this scholarship.

More information and questions about the procedure contact:

Henny Smit (020‐5986086) or Job Mulder (020-5988990)

M: [email protected]