135th anniversary

This academic year, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam celebrated its 135th anniversary. The university has occupied a position at the heart of society since 1880 and has always been committed to finding answers to tomorrow’s questions in order to contribute to a better future for everyone. VU Amsterdam organised the following activities during this anniversary year.

Anniversary conference Scenarios for governance

The fourth anniversary conference on June 17th featured researchers and some 300 visitors on integrity, globalisation, governance and leadership.

Anniversary event Kennis in beweging

The anniversary event of April 16th was dedicated to motion. During the "Kennis in beweging" event, VU Amsterdam and VUmc presented research in the field of Human Health & Life Sciences.

Anniversary conference Guide to the Network Society

The second anniversary conference on March 18th centered on digitisation and its impact on society. Computer scientists, humanities and social scientists look to the future.

Anniversary conference Science for Sustainability

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November 2015, VU Amsterdam organised the anniversary conference Science for Sustainability.

Benefit Evening for UAF

The proceeds of this benefit evening has fully funded UAF, a foundation for refugee students.