Information for international staff

The brochure Nice to meet you @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provides an overview of rules and regulations relevant to expats – whether international employees, PhD candidates or guests – who are going to work at VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You will also find a practical introduction to our university and general information about living in the Netherlands.

Contact our International Office for information and assistance with immigration procedures and housing.

Nice to meet you @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (print brochure) 

International staff network

Welcome to the VU Amsterdam International Staff network, a network for all international VU employees that wish to meet, network and learn from each other. The VU international staff network provides a social, cultural and informational meeting platform all year round. The platform serves as the perfect place to gain knowledge, to exchange mutual experiences and to connect with international employees whether you are a newcomer or have already spent some years at VU Amsterdam.

The network as community builder provides a digital platform, as well as a physical Global Room where staff can meet and interact. Staff can initiate events, workshops and Q&A sessions on relevant topics.

Want to join? Please go to our VU International Staff-group at and register.

Once joined, you will get access to our Global Room. You can join but also initiate events yourself that serve the international community at VU.