Letter from Franck Bragigand

To all students and scholars,

My name is Franck Bragigand, I am a conceptual/theoretical painter and artist-in-residence at the Vrije Universiteit. You may have noticed that many institutions like KNAW, NWO and the EU have been encouraging reconnections between art and science. Academic research also fascinates many artists nowadays. Perhaps you’re curious what a connection with an artist could mean for your own studies and work? But you might not have had any opportunities yet to engage in anything ‘art-science’ yourself. That just changed.

You are welcome to visit and discuss your studies with me in my open studio in study hall 2B (University Library, next to the 6 elevators group in the VU mainbuilding) in the VU main building. I’m at the VU from Tuesday to Friday between 3 and 7 pm.    
But why visit me? First because it is a unique opportunity offered by the VU and the VUvereniging. Having a contemporary artist on campus at your disposal is a first time experiment at the VU. Secondly, the wide range of subjects and the work I do may be interesting for you as well. During my 30-year artistic life I conducted hundreds of local projects worldwide. I accumulated experiences while working in art, design or craft, with societal, industrial, governmental and political partners, in public spaces, public and private institutions, museums, schools and galleries. Being curious by nature, I learned a lot about us, as humanity and as concept producers. In 2016, I started developing a new way of painting based on language, philology and semiology. It is called the Codex Lex Veritas project.

What is the Codex about? I think we can understand the world better with words and connections than with selected images. Like the Egyptians’ hieratic or the Isotype of Otto Neurath, I create a vocabulary to express a new pictorial language (words and information in connected coloured circles). The Codex is a source of historical knowledge to understand our shifting paradigms. It exists in parallel to our technical computer lives and automations. It is an academic visual representation of an observable Reality, a visual semiology as a painted document, addressed to today and to future generations, keeping sources of knowledge intact and alive.

All information presented in the Codex comes from the observable world. That is the same world that you are observing from your academic perspective in your field. From Sumer till today, whether it be a civilisation, a religion, a culture, a theory or a policy, it often has left us a written document. Think about bibles, law books, civil codes, scientific theses or treaties for example. They all represent societal beliefs, codes, faiths, programmes, rules or laws aiming to achieve the goal of a present-day ‘truth’ called Reality. The source and inspiration of my work are found in such books. The Codex will be like an aesthetic time capsule showing the historical, dynamic evolution of ideas and how they become implemented. The Codex project also wants to depict the First Global Utopia for which the United Nations Millennium Goals seem to prepare us. Ultimately, the Codex is a painting about The End of History.
To resume my intention here, it is possible to visit an artist’s studio at the VU and I hope you’ll take that opportunity. If you have some time to visit me and have a topic to talk about, a question you ask yourself and want to discuss, you’ll be more than welcome. I also have some topics which I offer here as suggestions below, e.g.
Science and Truth
Industrial Socialism in a finite world
How to feed 12 billion people
Globalisation and poverty
Technology and Progress
Sparta and the Last Utopia
Life versus Computer Models
The End of History
USA, Europe, United Nations, BRICS & the Moon
Platonic cave, Paradigm and Reality
TV and masses
Anthropocene and Geocentrism
Mathematics and Social Engineering
Geometry, Pi and the Golden Number
Everything is Religion
Virtuality in power, screen yourself

I hope you’ll all, (students, teachers, scientists, scholars) make profit of this wonderful opportunity to visit the VU Franck Bragigand Open Studio - Art Gallery. You are all welcome.
You can consider me a new public artistic service at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Tuesdays to Friday, 3 till 7 PM or by appointment (Contact: [email protected])
2B Universiteitsbibliotheek studieruimte, VU mainbuilding


Franck Bragigand